Snare stack quality - beauty - clarity Quality - since every drum is made by me, I can assure the absolute quality of every piece that leaves my workshop.  I spend every stage inspecting the previous stage’s work so that every detail is perfect.  No steps are skipped and I never utter the words “good enough”.    Beauty - as a woodworker for many years, I have always had a love for the natural beauty of wood.  I love the smoothness of a freshly sanded shell and the luster of a newly polished finish.  The contrast of chrome and wood completes the beauty.  I can help you envision your next work of beauty.     Clarity - the moment you hit that drum and fall in love.  Clarity is the perfect mixture of well cut bearing edges and snare beds.  Every drummer has different ideas of what that perfect sound is and I will work with you as a customer to achieve your vision of clarity. Badges Created to play... Drums are my passion.  As a drummer for over 30 years, I understand that passion that drives us to want to play the best.  A drum from Furcinitti Custom Drums is created to inspire that passion in you.  Whether you want a full custom drumset, a simple, classy snare or a bold statement, I can create it for you - all at an affordable price! Home About Video & sound samples Specifications Gallery Faq Price list Contact & links Walnut stave Home